Portfolio: Standard websites

Blue Box & Booth Parkes

Accountancy firms


These two sites are simple static HTML sites with a small amount of PHP code to run the protected client area and the contact form.

The Booth Parkes site was also mostly designed by me as well as being coded.

  • Booth Parkes Accounting
  • Booth Parkes Accounting
  • Booth Parkes Accounting
  • Blue Box Accounting
 Roots revival

Club night


A site for a club night based in Leeds a few years ago. The site is no longer live but I mention it here as I am proud of the design and build that I came up with.

The site was built upon a simple custom CMS which allowed for club pictures and podcasts to be added as well as content to amended. The site also featured social media integration with sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

  • Homepage
  • Podcasts
Olas art

Artist website


Olas Art is Nick Halahan an artist who produces paintings and murals and operates art workshops. These workshops are aimed at children and young people with issues as a way to help brighten up their lives and/or rehabilitate them.

The site is used as a means to promote his work but also to showcase the work of the young people who come to his workshops. This site is a custom design and CMS build which has worked very well over the last few years.

  • Gallery
  • Content
  • Picture administration
  • Set administration
  • Video administration

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