Portfolio: Interactive visual mixer


Several years ago I wrote a basic video mixing system for a site promoting a Video Artist, Vital Visuals. Vital Visuals performs at many festivals from Beatherder to Eden and for artists as diverse as The Levellers and Roots Manuva. The idea was to give visitors to the site an idea of what a VJ (Video Jockey) does, and to allow them to experiment with mixing video streams together.

The original mixer was written in vanilla Javascript and worked on all browsers down to IE6. The version on this page has been rewritten with jQuery so unfortunately is a little slow on older machines.

To use the mixer you have a series of controls at the bottom of the page. These can be used to alter each video stream independently. The sliders in each control box change the size and speed of the stream. Once a stream has been shrunk then the grey box can be used to move the stream around. Above the grey box is the large mixer slider which is used to fade between the different streams. Alternatively the mixer does respond to keyboard controls as detailed on the right.

Scale Y
Scale X


Other visuals

Keyboard Controls

c - switch play direction
x - change selection
p - play/pause
f - faster
s - slower
i - fade in
o - fade out

Scale Y
Scale X

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